You’ll Never Guess What Lying Hillary Just Took Credit for Now…

Hillary Clinton just tried to take credit for all of President Trump’s hard work in Puerto Rico. Initially, the mainstream media tried to make it look like Trump wasn’t doing a thing to help the crisis in Puerto Rico but the truth came out, as it always does, and now that he’s doing so much that they can’t deny it. However, liberals are now trying to try to give credit to Hillary Clinton.

“You know recently with the hurricanes and particularly the damage in the Virgin Islands and in Puerto Rico– you know I was right in the middle of our government responding to the horrible effects of the earthquakes in Haiti– so I knew what we’re capable of doing,” said Hillary.

“And I waited because I thought they don’t need me saying, ‘Hey, send naval assets, get the hospital ship comfort down there,’ but a couple of days later nothing was happening. So, I tweeted,” she said.

“I tweeted at the president and the secretary of defense and the defense department. And I basically implored them to send naval assets, including the hospital ship, and it took a few more days and then finally they did,” she said.

You can watch Hillary spout out her delusional lies below: