WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Has Medical Episode During Speech – Face Spasms, Stops Breathing

Nanci Pelosi has been tanking her weekly press conferences, often times speaking gibberish and looking utterly confused. On Thursday, Pelosi couldn’t even read from a piece of paper that had a prepared statement on it.

Just seconds into the statement, Pelosi went off-script, looked up to the sky, shook her head and gave a deep sigh before she continued.

“Uh, the budget, which is the framework, uh, for where we go from here. Today, they have started to unveil, uh, tax bill designed to plunder the middle class in order to put the, uh,” she said, before stopping and letting out a big sigh.

Minutes later Pelosi seemed to have trouble remembering what she was saying as she was saying it. She said, “We have always said, we stand ready to join the Republicans at the table to— produce growth.”

As she said, “Perpetuating a catastrophic transfer of wealth from the middle class to corporations and the wealthy. I’ll say it overnight,” she said, seeming to have trouble forming the words.

Seconds later, it happened again. “For the future of our country, not even speaking from the stand point of our sfee,” apparently trying to say “state.” Then she repeated, “For the future of our country.”

Pelosi stumbled over many words while she tried to read the statement, including using the word “splainin” instead of “explaining.”

As she has in so many other speeches lately, Pelosi awkwardly thanked reporters and scampered off stage.

Pelosi has completely botched her press conferences lately, seeming disoriented, slurring her speech and getting her words mixed up. What happens when lawmakers, charged with running our country, are showing clear signs of mental deterioration? How can they be trusted to make rational decisions?

They obviously can’t, however there is no constitutional provision limiting the age of lawmakers to continue to run for office, nor is there any kind of mental ability test for lawmakers already elected.