Underage Malia Obama Caught At Party – And Everyone Noticed ONE Thing

Over the past few years, 19 year-old Malia Obama has earned herself a reputation of being a bit of a party animal as she has been caught partying wildly underage at venues all over the globe. Her parents appeared to hope that Malia would turn over a new leaf and get her act together when she started at Harvard this fall, however, what she was just caught doing shows that she has not given up her hard-partying ways.

Celebrity Insider reported that Malia was just spotted partying at a new eatery in Massachusetts with some very famous faces including Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot and celebrity chef Jason Santos. Malia arrived at the event, which had around 530 people in attendance, wearing an Alexander Wander sweater, jeans, and a cute hairstyle at the bowling complex.

One reporter who was at the VIP opening party said that Malia talked to a few guests, took pictures, and even signed autographs and bowling pins for a handful of patrons. A few photos of Malia at the event leaked online.

Earlier this month, Michelle opened up about how she raised her two daughters.

“Sometimes we treat our children too preciously because of the issues they’ve dealt with,” she said, according to In Style. “Barack and I, we thought about with Malia and Sasha, OK, we could’ve spent eight years feeling sorry for them that they were living in a bubble that every misstep for them would be on YouTube, that their privacy, they didn’t have access to their father in a way … We could’ve felt bad for them, and there would’ve been a truth there. But our view was this is their life, and we can’t apologize for the life they have because a whole lot of it is good.”

“I can’t cherish you to death,” she added. “We have to raise our children to be the adults that we want them to be, and that starts young. You can’t be so afraid that life will break them that you don’t prepare them for life. Sometimes our fear keeps us from pushing our kids out into the cold cruel world. And then they’re not ready and we wonder why.”

We find it odd that Michelle is talking about her daughters so much now when they clearly want to live their lives out of the public eye. Clearly, Michelle is using her teenage girls to try and make herself stay relevant, which is incredibly pathetic.

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