Trump Opens Up with Surprising Statement About Alcohol & Drugs — Media Refuses to Cover

The fake news media loves to make Trump out to be Hitler or the Devil incarnate. They still can’t get over that a man who didn’t have their blessing won the presidency over their anointed one, Hillary Clinton. Maybe that’s the reason they don’t let stories like this see the light of day.

President Trump continues to do things that no other President has. One of the biggest things that he promotes is not using drugs or alcohol.  It has taken 24 years to have a president stand up and be a role model to our children with his mantra.

Trump vows that he has never touched cigarettes, alcohol or drugs.  In fact, his trust in the ‘legal’ drugs has come up before as well. However, the last three Presidents have not shown such morals.

“If you don’t drink and you don’t do drugs, your children … are going to have a tremendously enhanced chance of really being successful and having a good life,” Trump said at a 2015 New Hampshire town hall. New Hampshire has been one of the states ravaged by opioid overdoses in recent years.

“The world is so tough and it is so competitive that you can’t put yourself, as a child, or even as a parent, if you want that child to be successful, at a disadvantage of letting them drink or letting them take drugs because it is not going to work,” Trump said, urging sobriety. “They are going to be at a tremendous disadvantage and ultimately they may not recover.”

Trump has said that one strong motivator for his decision on drugs and alcohol was his deceased brother Fred’s losing battle with alcoholism. He has always promoted this for his children as well, saying, “When my children were growing up, even when they didn’t know what drinking was, I’d say ‘no alcohol, no cigarettes, no drugs’” he said in the past at a CNN town hall.

Now let’s talk about the three prior President’s and their take on drugs and alcohol.

Barack Obama was very open on his use of both marijuana and cocaine when he was younger. He acknowledged this in one of his books. In 2006, he was asked if he had ‘inhaled’ when he smoked marijuana, and he said, ‘That was the point.’

George W. Bush had said that he did have a drinking problem when he was younger and avoided denying accusations that he used cocaine. When running for president in 1999, Bush was the only Republican candidate who wouldn’t deny using cocaine. The answer he have concerning the use of cocaine was,  “I’m not going to talk about what I did years ago,” Bush answered, adding: “I made mistakes. I’ve asked people to not let the rumors get in the way of the facts. I’ve told people I’ve learned from my mistakes – and I have. And I’m going to leave it at that.”

Then he was questioned in an interview on the use of marijuana,  Bush did not admit or deny using the drug but said, “You know why? ‘Cause I don’t want some little kid doing what I tried,” he said. “Do you want your little kid to say ‘Hey daddy, President Bush tried marijuana, I think I will’?” he added.

Then we all can remember Bill Clinton. While running for president in 1992, he admitted that he had smoked marijuana, yet said it was only ‘a time or two’ while studying as a Rhodes Scholar in England and he claimed that he “didn’t inhale” when smoking marijuana.

Let’s take it from President Trump,”No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes!”: