Trump Just Obliterated RINO Senator for Bashing Him

Following the Antifa-provoked tragic melee in Charlottesville, Virginia, libtard RINO Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee blasted President Trump as an incompetent boob when he rightfully blamed both sides of the deadly political scrap.

When asked, days later, if he stood by his statement, Corker did not back down. Where did this bout of ‘courage’ come from? Prior to his criticism of Trump, Corker announced he would not be running for re-election because he was supposedly abiding by a promise he made to limit his stay in Congress.

Corker has used his freedom from voter patronage to lambast President Trump in fulfillment of the Deep State’s goal of toppling the President, writes the Washington Examiner.

Trump initially fired back in August, tweeting that Corkers slight was a bit odd: “Strange statement by Bob Corker considering that he is constantly asking me whether or not he should run again in ’18. Tennessee not happy!”

Corker continued his anti-Trump rants.

On October 8, unleashed on Corker, something any other Republican never would have done because they never stand on principles and are deathly averse to a conflict that they perpetually lose in the PR arena.

In a series of tweets, Trump said, “Senator Bob Corker “begged” me to endorse him for re-election in Tennessee. I said “NO” and he dropped out (said he could not win without my endorsement). He also wanted to be Secretary of State, I said ‘NO THANKS.’ He is also largely responsible for the horrendous Iran Deal!”

This was followed by the calling out of Corker, “Hence, I would fully expect Corker to be a negative voice and stand in the way of our great agenda. Didn’t have the guts to run!”

Buahahahahaha. This is funny, but apparently Corker didn’t think so, for he responded:

“It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.”

The comment matches Corker’s propaganda spiel that Trump is crazy. Just days before, Corker said that Secretary of State Tillerson and Defense Department Secretary James Mattis were the ones preventing the country from slipping into chaos at the hands of Trump.

The Left and its RINO accomplices love to try and depict Trump as mentally imbalanced, just like they did with former President Ronald Reagan. Any threat to the Deep State is dehumanized by them in the hopes of convincing Americans that they are being led by a dangerous monster.

Corker is a weasel and a cowardly one at that. Trump has called him out and it has delivered some much needed silence from the Tennessee Senator’s corner.