Tragic Announcement About Barron Trump

When Barack Obama was in office, the mainstream media declared that his young daughters Malia and Sasha were off limits to attacks since they were only children. Unfortunately, this same courtesy has not been extended to Donald Trump’s 11 year-old son Barron, who has been relentlessly attacked by liberals in the press since his father took office.

Now, Jenna and Barbara Bush are speaking out to defend Barron, since they know from experience how difficult it is to be the child of a conservative president in this country.

People Magazine reported that Jenna said that the attacks against Barron make her “mad” because “the truth is, obviously, Barron Trump didn’t ask his dad to run for president. It wasn’t his decision.”

“And the same with Malia and Sasha and Chelsea and all of us,” she added, although those girls did not get nearly the criticisms that the Bushes and the Trumps did. “We’re supportive of our parents, but it’s a job without guidelines, and it’s one that none of us asked for, specifically.”

Even Chelsea Clinton has spoken out to defend Barron from the relentless attacks he has faced.

“It’s high time the media & everyone leave Barron Trump alone & let him have the private childhood he deserves,” Chelsea said.

Jenna agrees with this assertion.

“I think kids should be allowed to be kids,” she said.

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