‘The View’ Hosts Confronted About Bill Clinton Sex Abuse… Then All Hell Breaks Loose

Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and their fellow liberal hosts of “The View” have spent the last few months whining about how terrible it is that we supposedly have a “sexual predator” in the White House in President Donald Trump. Of course, they’ve been ignoring the fact that they all knowingly voted for an alleged rapist in the 1990s in Bill Clinton, who had numerous rape and sexual misconduct allegations made against him at the time.

During their show on Tuesday, the women of “The View” questioned whether it is time to take another look at the allegations against Clinton. Behar, who infamously called the Clinton accusers “tramps” during the election last year, tried to backtrack by saying it “might” be time to look at the allegations again. However, she made sure to add the the focus should be on the claims against Trump, though there is far less evidence to support those than in the allegations against Clinton.

Whoopi, however, still tried to defend Clinton by rushing to “blame the victim” and attack Juanita Broaddrick’s credibility. Broaddrick has long claimed that Clinton raped her in an Arkansas hotel room in the 1970s, yet Whoopi slammed her for supposedly changing her story at one point. Had Whoopi said this about a woman accusing Trump of sexual misconduct, the outrage against her undoubtedly would have been swift as she would be accused of “victim blaming.” However, since she was attacking Broaddrick, her comment was seen as perfectly alright by liberals.

The liberal hypocrisy on this issue is stunning. They have given Clinton a complete pass for years while vilifying Republicans like Roy Moore, even though his accusers have little evidence to back up their claims.

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