Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and their fellow liberal friends on “The View” love to bash President Donald Trump and anyone who dares to support him. On Tuesday morning, however, the liberal women shifted to mocking Fox News host Sean Hannity, but it didn’t end well for them.

Mediaite reported the liberal talk show hosts accused Hannity of having his head stuck up President Donald Trump‘s rear end. They were talking about the rise and fall of the stock market when Whoopi claimed that though the president has little to do with how the market behaves, Barack Obama helped revitalize the economy.

“To be clear, the market has been on a steady incline, starting when Obama took office and turned around the insane economy that he inherited from President Bush,” Whoopi said. “So, you know, it’s been going better. But… somebody on one of the other networks said, ‘Oh, thanks, Obama.’ Like it was his fault that this happened.”

“Sean Hannity said it. You can say his name,” Meghan McCain said.

“Hey, Sean, you know Obama’s been gone for awhile, right?” Whoopi continued. “And, in fact, and call me crazy, but when he came in, I believe that we were kind of in the toilet. So he kind of dragged this behemoth forward and left the new guy in a rather good position.”

That’s when Behar jumped in, saying, “I worry about Sean because his head is so far up Trump’s butt that it could give him a concussion.”

“Only if he sneezes,” Goldberg added.

Way to keep it classy, ladies!

Twitter users, however, immediately fired back by letting Behar know that they have no respect for her opinion:

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