North Korea just went all out for the Winter Olympics when it sent 229 members of it’s famous cheerleading squad to the games.

The U.K. Sun reported that the women, who were picked out for their good looks, made up the majority of a 280-strong delegation to arrive today. Each of the women was wearing black fur caps, knee-length red coats and ankle boots. They did not seem camera shy at all, with one of them giggling “Hello, hello” to reporters.

When one reporter asked if the women were prepared, one of them responded,  “You’ll know once you see. It’s no fun if I tell you everything now.”

The Unification Ministry said that the cheerleaders arrived along with 26 taekwondo performers, 21 journalists and four North Korean Olympics committee members. North Korea also announced that Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, would be accompanying the nominal head of state and other top officials to cheer on a joint Korean team.

This comes after North Korea slammed President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, calling it “the height of Trump-style arrogance” and vowing that the regime’s nuclear capabilities would deter the president “and his lackeys from showing off on the Korean peninsula.”

Fox News reported that Pyongyang’s foreign ministry spokesman attacked Trump in an interview released by the state-run Korean Central News Agency. He disputed the president’s claim that the U.S. had “made incredible progress and achieved extraordinary success” in the last year.

“This is indeed the height of Trump-style arrogance, arbitrariness and self-conceit,” the spokesman said.”The whole world is deeply concerned, seeing as an omen of new disaster the address of Trump who asserted ‘America First’ and ‘unmatched power’ based on nuclear weapons while forcing other countries to submit themselves to the U.S. chauvinistic interest.”

The official said that North Korea’s “self-reliant defense capability with the nuclear force as its backbone will, however, completely deter Trump and his lackeys from showing off on the Korean peninsula. If Trump does not get rid of his anachronistic and dogmatic way of thinking, it will only bring about the consequence of further endangering security and future of the United States.”

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