NFL in Panic Mode After Camera Caught What They Tried to Hide on Veterans Day

Many NFL players have spent the last three months protesting during the national anthem, but they finally had the chance to prove they weren’t protesting against our flag, country and military during the Veterans Day games. Unfortunately, it was too late, stadiums were the emptiest they’ve been all season.

One day of a few more players standing during the anthem just isn’t going to make NFL fans forget the disrespectful behavior that has taken place this season. This past weekend proved that.


Veterans, as well as other patriots, boycotted the games to make a statement. A Facebook group called for a nationwide boycott of the league the entire Veterans Day weekend. The site, that has hundreds of thousands of followers, urged fans to turn the games off “in solidarity.”

According to the Gateway Pundit, “The Houston Texans are playing the Los Angeles Rams at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum this Sunday and it looks like the kneeling controversy is still hurting attendance in a big way.”

FOX LA sports anchor Liz Habib took a few photos and a video, showing more than half the stadium empty well into the first quarter.

Soldier Field also saw consequences for the players disrespect.

With NFL ticket sales at an all time low, television ratings plummeting and sponsors being boycotted, the league may never fully recover from this. Owners of the teams in the NFL could’ve put a stop to this right in the beginning by requiring their players to stand during the anthem.

Nobody is saying the players shouldn’t have free speech, and some of their reasons for kneeling may be valid, however during the anthem obviously isn’t the time to do it.