Megyn Kelly BREAKS DOWN Live on Air as Her Ratings Plummet

It’s been two months since former Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s morning show has premiered on NBC, and her ratings have plummeted to an all-time low. Now, it appears the stressed of this failed career move is finally getting to her.

Daily Mail reported that Kelly broke down on her show on Thursday morning as she desperately tried to garner sympathy by making claims against her former network. While fighting back tears, Kelly claimed that she was asked to twirl for Fox News executives when she was hired by the network in 2004.

Kelly was interviewing two former Capitol Hill staffers when she made the remarks to demonstrate how she empathized with them.

“When I started at Fox News, I was 32, I had practiced law for 10 years already. I was asked to do the twirl and I did it,” Kelly said.

“I am still humiliated by that. Humiliated that I did it,” she added, choking back tears. “I felt degraded in the moment. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it is degrading and in the moment, you don’t know what to do.”

Kelly went on to talk about what her thoughts were when she was asked to perform the act and said she second-guessed whether it was appropriate or not because of TV is a “visual business.”

“You think, ‘I don’t want my relationship to fall apart. In my business, it’s a visual business. I’m not sure if it’s inappropriate,'” she said. “You know [that] it is on some level.”

Sexual misconduct claims are all the rage right now, and clearly, Kelly is trying to hop on board with this to convince people to watch her show. It’s sad that she’s resorted to bashing Fox News, the network that started her career, in order to get herself ahead now.

Unfortunately for Kelly, however, Twitter users made it clear that they have no sympathy for her:

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