The mainstream media is constantly trying to make it look like Barack Obama’s precious Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) recipients are peaceful, law abiding citizens. That’s why you won’t be hearing about this story from CNN…

The San Diego Tribune reported that one man who came to the U.S. under DACA and another whose DACA protections had expired were just arrested on suspicion of human smuggling in two separate incidents last week.

The first arrest took place near Torrey Pines State Beach on Wednesday, when border agents were sent to the area after a resident spotted what appeared to be a smuggling incident. Police soon found a vehicle suspected of being involved, which they pulled over on Interstate 5 near Dairy Mart Road about 12:10 p.m. Inside, the agents found three people: the driver, a 20-year-old DACA recipient whose status had expired, and two Mexican nationals, ages 21 and 22, suspected of being in the country illegally.

The driver and his cousin, the 22-year-old passenger, admitted to agents they had been involved in human smuggling in the area. The driver is in federal custody a this time.

The next day, Border Patrol agents in East County arrested two people at around 8am on suspicion of being in the country illegally when they spotted two suspicious vehicles on Buckman Springs Road in Campo. The agents followed one of the vehicles, a blue Honda sedan, and conducted an immigration inspection at a nearby checkpoint.

The driver, a 22-year-old Mexican national who lived in Riverside County as a DACA recipient, eventually admitted to agents that he and another driver were scouting the area to aid a group of smugglers. The agents then learned that he had also committed other acts of human smuggling. The suspect is currently awaiting removal proceedings in Department of Homeland Security custody.

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