IT’S ALL OVER! Roy Moore Accusers Caught REDHANDED as the Truth Comes Out

This past week, Alabama Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore was hit with multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. Now, however, two new polls have showed that Moore has remained unaffected entirely by these smears against him.

Breitbart reported that one of the polls was conducted on Thursday morning, before the Washington Post story about the allegations against Moore came out, while the other was conducted on Saturday night. These polls both showed that Moore’s lead over Democrat Doug Jones has been virtually unaffected since the Post story came out.

The first poll shows Moore leading Jones by 50 percent to 39.2 percent with 10.8 percent undecided. The second survey shows Moore and Jones with about the exact same percentages as before, with his position in this second poll being 49.8 percent—meaning he only dropped 0.2 percent since the story hit—and Jones has only picked up 0.4 percent to reach 39.6 percent total.

“The polling between Thursday morning and Saturday showed far less movement than I originally expected,” said pollster John Wahl. “The controversy surrounding the Washington Post article seems to have galvanized the support of both candidates, but not changed the actual percentages in a significant manner. The Moore campaign has already weathered a considerable amount of political attacks during this campaign season, and I expect most of his lightest support to have blown off during these attacks. His current support level is holding fairly steady.”

“The voters of Alabama know Roy Moore and what he stands for. Alabama is also a very red state where any Republican candidate is going to have a very high floor to start with,” Wahl added. “So far it seems the people of Alabama believe Roy Moore is more credible than the Washington Post.

This comes after Infowars reported that claims are being made on social media that a reporter was caught on tape offering a woman $1000 to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct. This claim comes from a former Secret Service agent who said that the woman taped the conversation she had with the reporter and sent copies to the Etowah Co. District Attorney and the FBI.

Though this claim has yet to be verified, it is known that just before the accusations against Moore came out, the Washington Post endorsed his opponent, Doug Jones, on October 23. On top of that, each of Moore’s accusers, all of whom allege the incidents occurred decades ago, don’t seem to have known each other very well previously, yet all of a sudden they appeared in the public spotlight at the same time to make their accusations only weeks before an election with national implications.

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