ISIS just issued a terrifying threat to New York City that has sent the entire city into full panic mode.

Daily Mail reported that ISIS just threatened to launch an attack on New York City’s subway system. In a threat uploaded to militant Islamist messaging platform, a man can be seen standing on the platform at New York’s High Street, Brooklyn Bridge Station with explosives and a timer behind him.

The poster features the threat, “You will not expect where we will attack.”

ISIS’s propaganda wing, the Wafa Media Foundation, is still sending out threats despite the so-called ISIS caliphate suffering huge losses in Syria and Iraq.

“Wafa Media Foundation specialises in these types of graphics. Wafa’s threat, like others recently issued by pro-ISIS media groups, is a specific attack directive within a larger push by ISIS for lone wolf attacks as it rapidly loses territory in Iraq and Syria,” said Rita Katz, director of the respected SITE Intelligence Group. “Though these threats should be taken seriously, there is also a publicity element to pro-ISIS media groups’ threats against places like the Vatican or events like 2018 FIFA World Cup.”

This comes after a man was arrested in South Carolina for planting bombs in the name of ISIS. Fox News reported that Wesley Dallas Ayers, 27, of Anderson County, is facing numerous charges, including transportation of explosive materials with the intent to injure, possession and use of destructive devices during the commission of a violent crime and use of a destructive device during the commission of a felony.

FBI agents said that Ayers planted several devices within a two mile radius of his home. Though three of the devices have been identified as hoaxes, four of them have been deemed as “destructive devices or bombs.”

Some of the boxes that Ayers left bombs in contained notes pledging his allegiance to ISIS. One of the boxes included a photo of Osama bin Laden standing in front of the White House with the message “war has been declared,” and a copy of the photo was also found in Ayers’ home.

This just goes to show that ISIS still poses a huge threat to the U.S. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.