Frederica Wilson Launches Vile Attack On Barron Trump – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down

Last month, Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson made headlines when she accused President Donald Trump of disrespecting a Gold Star widow by telling her that her husband “knew what he signed up for.” Despite having no evidence to back up her claim, Wilson pedaled this story all over the mainstream media.

Now, in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, Wilson has restored to attacking Trump’s 11 year-old son Barron. Unfortunately for her, however, she’s learning the hard way that she took this way too far.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Wilson brought little Barron into her crazed hatred for the president by predicting that Trump will eventually resign from office to avoid impeachment by making up an excuse such as “somebody is trying to kill Barron.”

“We just have to, like the slogan says, stay woke; just stay woke, be careful, because I can see the wheels turning now…we’re marching toward impeachment, there’s no question about it. If that happens, are we prepared? Because it’s going to happen,” Wilson said while speaking at the annual Legislative & Policy Conference organized by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) on Capitol Hill.

“So we have to make sure, Rev. Sharpton, that we are prepared when this happens so we don’t just wake up one day blindsided,” she added. “…I think it’s just going to get so tight and it’s going to close in and then everybody is going to be indicted around this president, and then he is going to realize he is probably next on the list. And I think he is going to come up with an excuse like ‘somebody is trying to kill Barron, and so I’m going to resign.’”

It’s pathetic that Wilson would resort to bringing a small child into this nonsense. When Barack Obama was in office, anyone who criticized Malia and Sasha in any way was branded a “racist monster,” yet since Trump has been in office, liberals have freely been attacking Barron.

Luckily, Twitter users immediately let Wilson know that she had gone too far:

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