Former Secret Service Agent Reveals CRIMINAL Secret Hillary Clinton Has Hid For YEARS

The mainstream media erupted on Monday when three private Twitter messages, which can easily be edited,  between Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks leaked, and the press treated this as if it was a “smoking gun” Russian collusion revelation. However, Donald Jr. then showed his transparent by releasing the entire chain of messages, showing that he has nothing to hide.

Meanwhile, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who once worked with Hillary Clinton, pointed out that 33,000 of her emails are STILL MISSING!

“Dear Hillary, This is what TRANSPARENCY looks like when you have nothing to hide. Try it sometime. BTW, when can we expect those 30,000 missing emails? People want to know,” Bongino wrote on Twitter, according to The Gateway Pundit.

As someone who worked with Clinton, Bongino knows what she’s really like from firsthand experience. These days, he regularly speaks out to expose her criminal behavior. Before last year’s election, Bongino revealed how many agents in the Secret Service see Clinton.

“People on the inside [of the secret service] have told me that they really see this woman [Hillary Clinton] as a very unique threat to our republic,” he said.

“She did treat her secret service agents generally…poorly,” Bongino added. “This elitist snob attitude toward the military and secret service agents…parlays into this elitist attitude toward government too–that the rules don’t apply to her.”

“There are agents…that are deathly afraid of this woman–it’s odd that the Left uses ‘unique threat to democracy’ to describe Donald Trump–that’s the exact same expression [agents] use to talk about Hillary Clinton,” the former agent said. “This woman has to be kept out of the White House.”

“I worked with Hillary. Hillary is an obnoxious, rude, condescending, fraud who cares about ONE thing-herself,” Bongino wrote on Twitter last year.

Thankfully, the American people heeded this advice and voted Donald Trump into office! After eight years of Barack Obama in power, we could not afford to put another corrupt Democrat in the White House.

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