Fans say, “NO THANKS!” — Monday Night Football Numbers Are In, and They are BRUTAL!

On October 10, conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh asked rhetorically why the networks were not showing televised shots of the upper levels of football stadiums.

Conservative Fighters published an article the next day with the following great picture of just why that might be.

The picture accompanied a story in which it is noted that television “ratings for the National Football League continue to sink after weeks of player protests during the performance of the national anthem, with Monday Night Football viewership breaking record lows as angry fans change the channel.

“Monday night’s match-up between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears was the least watched NFL game this season, down 17% from last week and reaching a regular season low for the league and ESPN, reports Deadline Hollywood.”

The freefall in viewership and stadium attendance numbers has NFL team owners scrambling to diplomatically reverse their prior condoning of disrespectful behavior on the part of their players, who took a knee during the national anthem.

The Fighters note that the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys have told their players that they either stand for the anthem or they will not play.

The growing awareness among the NFL establishment that their revenue stream was in danger has been pushed into hysteria after President Trump called for the elimination of tax loop holes that have netted the League billions of tax-payer dollars over the last 20 years.

President Trump continues to out maneuver his opponents again and again because they constantly underestimate his intelligence and ability to push back just as hard or harder. Let’s hope this trend continues, because it is allowing Trump to flush out the jihadists of the radical Left and decimating them.