Back in February of this year, New Castle, Pennsylvania police officers were called to respond to reports of a burglary. When they arrived at the scene, they were met with a heartbreaking sight that they were never expecting.

The cops found an emaciated little puppy locked in one of the upstairs bedrooms of the homes. The puppy was so thin that officers could see every bone in her body!

Though she was incredibly weak, the dog was still joyful when she saw the officers, as she wagged her tail and crawled over to them. It was clear to them that this dog had a lot of fight in her, as she had maintained a positive attitude despite going through a horrific ordeal.

The officers rescued the little dog and brought her to the Lawrence County Humane Society, where a veterinarian estimated that she was about ten weeks old. The vet found that she so anemic and weak she couldn’t lift her head, and that she also had a staph infection.

In the end, the veterinarian believed that it was the dog’s positive outlook on life that saved her.

“In the beginning, we weren’t sure that she’d make it,” Elissa Druschel, vice president of Lawrence County Humane Society, told The Dodo. “She was just so weak and emaciated. But she wouldn’t stop wagging her tail. It was going constantly.”

After getting round-the-clock treatment from the Humane Society, the dog slowly but surely began to recover. Staffers named the dog Miranda, and their post sharing the dog’s story immediately went viral.

After weeks of treatment, Miranda finally made a full recovery, and it was time to find her a forever home! The Humane Society immediately knew the perfect people to adopt Miranda: the cops who rescued her!

The officers who rescued Miranda had visited her during her time at the Humane Society often.

“I think it was always assumed that the officers who found her had first dibs,” Druschel said. “Those guys were her heroes.”

After discussing it among themselves, the officers decided that Officer Mark Lewis would be the best person to adopt Miranda.

“Pretty much right off the bat I knew I wanted to adopt her,” Lewis told The Dodo. “I’m ecstatic to be bringing her home. She’ll never see that kind of life she had ever again. She’ll be the most spoiled little dog you’ll ever see.”

These days, Miranda is a happy and healthy dog who can’t get enough of her dad!

Lewis is also making sure that Miranda’s former owner gets exactly what he deserves.

“This person is going to trial soon and hopefully we get some justice for Miranda,” he said. “To come from such a bad background to now being so loved by everyone … It’s amazing.”

Miranda’s story serves as a reminder that with a positive attitude, we can get through anything in life! SHARE this story if Miranda inspires you!