During Barack Obama’s time in the White House, he allowed radical Islamic terrorists to walk all over the U.S. because he was too afraid of offending Muslims to take action against them. Since Donald Trump took office, however, the current president has let terrorists know that he is not afraid to do what needs to be done to take them out.

Bizpac Review reported that Trump spoke out on Monday to say that he opposes talks with the Taliban, which breaks from Obama’s strategy of calling for peace talks with them.

“I don’t see any talking taking place,” Trump said. “I don’t think we’re prepared to talk right now.”

His comments came after two terrorist attacks in Kabul, as he spoke at a luncheon meeting with U.N. Security Council ambassadors Monday at the White House.

“When we see what they’re doing and the atrocities that they’re committing, and killing their own people, and those people are women and children, many, many women and children that are totally innocent – it’s horrible,” Trump said.

Since taking office, Trump has increased the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan from 8,500 to 14,000, and he’s talked about how crucial it is to finish the job.

“So there’s no talking to the Taliban. We don’t want to talk to the Taliban,” Trump stated. “We’re going to finish what we have to finish. What nobody else has been able to finish, we’re going to be able to do it.”

The Taliban took to Twitter with a response sent directly to Trump.

“Let us know when you’re ready to talk to discuss your exit. Soon is better before it becomes very ugly for you in Afghanistan. You know how to reach us through our office in Doha,” the tweet read.

This comes after Fox News reported that a top U.S. military official just confirmed that the military defeat of ISIS could be just “weeks” away. U.S. Central Command General Joseph Votel said this while speaking at Jordan’s National Defense School on Monday.

“The timeline for the military defeat of ISIS can now be measured in weeks,” Votel said, going on to warn that there is still “very tough fighting” going on in the Middle Euphrates River Valley.

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