During Barack Obama’s time in the White House, he regularly showed that he has no respect for police officers. Liberals then followed his example by disrespecting cops themselves, as they were sure there would be no repercussions for this. Now that Donald Trump is in office, however, liberals are learning the hard way that disrespecting police officers is a bad idea.

Last week, a disgusted McDonald’s employee in Palm Bay, Florida refused to serve a police officer. Now. this has come back to bite their employee in a huge way.

Mad World News reported that it all started when Lt. Tim Lancaster from the Palm Bay Police Department decided to head through the McDonald’s drive-thru for lunch. He took to Facebook to share the shocking story about what happened next.

“Completely shocked and disappointed. I have been working in law enforcement for over 20 years and never thought I would personally experience what just occurred at the drive-thru at the McDonald’s at Palm Bay Road and Babcock Street,” Lancaster began in his Facebook post. “I ordered my lunch, paid at the first window and moved up to the second window to pick up lunch. When I got to the window, the clerk looked at me with my drink in (her) hand and stopped. For the record, I am in full uniform and an unmarked car. She handed my drink to another clerk and walked away in disgust.”

The employee was so disgusted by just the sight of a cop in uniform that he or she refused to serve Lancaster. Understandably, the officer was left humiliated.

“I asked the other clerk what was wrong,” he recalled, and he was told that “the other clerk refuses to serve cops. I was embarrassed and upset. After a while, I called the store and spoke to Omar, he identified himself as the general manager, and said he would address it. I will never eat at McDonald’s again. Never been treated like that before.”

The post immediately went viral, and eventually, McDonald’s had no choice but to respond, calling what the employee did “unacceptable.”

“We have respect for all first responders and are investigating,” said Carolina Rodriguez, a spokesperson for McDonald’s, in a statement on Sunday. “The behavior described in this Facebook post is unacceptable and not tolerated in our restaurants.”

Though it has not been revealed whether or not the employee has been fired, Lancaster is confident that McDonald’s will do the right thing.

“I think they’ll handle it appropriately,” Lancaster stated, according to Blue Lives Matter. “I was shocked, that’s a good word. I never thought I’d be at a point in my career when I’d see something like this.”

We’re glad to see that liberal thugs are learning the hard way that it is never acceptable to attack police officers. SHARE this story if you love and respect American cops!