Deadly Hepatitis Outbreak in California — Here’s the DISGUSTING Reason It Started…

The Golden State is currently being inundated with a blossoming of the liver-killing hepatitis A disease among the homeless, reports Breitbart.

The source of this outbreak may be the result of liberalism’s commitment to environmentalism and its total disregard for humanity.

“California health officials have reported that at least 569 people have been infected with the hepatitis A liver disease and 17 have died since a San Diego County outbreak was first identified in November. Cases have migrated north to homeless populations in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Sacramento over the last 11 months,” writes Breitbart.

The outbreak may be related by the 2016 decision by San Diego to pack up and ship out the city’s homeless to “tent cities” that lie hidden on the periphery of liberal enclaves.

Since then, the amount of people urinating and defecating on public sidewalks has sky-rocketed! Entire stretches of sidewalks are having to be shut down and deep-cleaned in order to try and curtail the deadly disease.

Anytime populations are increased in density and exist in squalid conditions, disease runs rampant. The fact goes back as far as the ancient Athenians hiding behind their walls while being besieged by the Spartans.

Breitbart writes, “California, with 115,738 homeless, now accounts for about 21 percent of America’s total homeless population. Due to legal settlements against vagrancy laws, about 72.3 percent of California’s homeless are unsheltered, usually living in tent cities.”

Adding to the volatile cocktail is the move by California to ban plastic bags, which were used by the homeless to dispose of bodily waste. Now the open public spaces and sidewalks of numerous Californian cities are being used as toilets for the poor and homeless.

According to an epidemiologist quoted by the news site, it could take a year or two for the outbreak to diminish…and that is if West Coast liberals reverse their idiotic policies.