Couple Get It On in Public Park as Horrified Passersby Watch

A shocking video that was posted to Snapchat is going viral this week showing a couple having sex on an Illinois park bench in broad daylight.

Daily Mail reported that the footage was captured by a woman who captioned the video, “caught that a**.” The video shows a man sitting on a bench with a woman wearing blue sitting on his lap with her pants down.

The couple surprisingly did not seem fazed by the woman and continued to have sex as she called them out.

“Go ahead and finish bouncing sister,” the woman filming the encounter yells as the girl in the video gives her the middle finger. However, she does in fact continue to bounce.

When the camerawoman tells the woman having sex that she does not respect herself, she fires back by saying, “he’s my husband.”

The couple in the video violated Illinois public decency laws, which could get them up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine. However, there’s no indication that police caught the couple, and it’s not clear where in Illinois this took place.

We might suggest that this couple get a room next time!