The country music world is in shock today after the daughter of one of it’s top stars was sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence.

Fox News reported that Wynonna Judd’s 22 year-old daughter Grace Pauline Kelley was just sentenced to eight years in prison for violating her probation. This came after Kelley left a drug recovery program back in November, therefore violating her probation for drug charges.

The daughter of Judd and her first husband Arch Kelley, she has been in and out of prison in Tennessee and Alabama for the past two years on drug charges. She was arrested for the first time back in 2015 when police found her in a car in a Walmart parking lot in Nashville, Tennessee with a man named Richard Witmore. Police also found a bag with pseudoephedrine and a receipt for Coleman fuel, which are ingredients that are typically used to make meth.

The two were arrested on charges of meth manufacture promotion. One year later, Kelley was arrested on drug charges in Alabama and was declared a fugitive of the law. She plead guilty to cooking and selling meth in March of 2017, and though a judge sentenced her to a year in prison, she only served 30 days before being released to a court-ordered drug program. It was this program that she left in November, therefore violating her probation.

“The defendant was terminated from the recovery court program on November 21, 2017,” said a spokesperson for Williamson County. “A warrant for probation violation was issued on November 22, 2017, and served on December 16, 2017.”

Kelley is due to be released in 2025, but she could get out on parole as soon as next year. Wynonna Judd has yet to comment on her daughter’s sentence.

Please keep this young woman as well as the entire Judd and Kelley families in your thoughts and prayers as they struggle to deal with this!