Barack Hussein Obamas Nasty Secret Leaks – Look What He Did For 550,000 Illegal Aliens…

It’s no secret that during Barack Hussein Obama’s time in the White House, he did everything he could to protect illegal aliens, prioritizing their well-being over the safety of the American people. However, even we didn’t think Obama would ever go this far to do that…

The Washington Examiner reported that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials just revealed that they face a deportation backlog of 550,000 illegal immigrants who were given temporary amnesty by former President Obama or simply let off the hook by liberal judges. This means that Obama blocked deportations of 550,000 illegal aliens, which is more than the entire populations of Atlanta and Sacramento.

This was confirmed after a reporter asked Matthew T. Albence, executive associate director for enforcement and removal operations, whether he knew the number of outstanding deportation orders.

“Ballpark is going to be around 550,000,” Albence said.

“Whoa. Why is it so high?” the reporter asked.

Well for a large part of the last four or five years we’ve been unable to take enforcement action against those individuals,” Albence replied. He went on to explain that beginning in 2014, many deportation actions were delayed. Even if ICE officers found an illegal alien in a jail, they were advised against seizing the illegal.

“Our officers had to turn their heads and walk the other way. So that’s a large part of that problem, the fact that we couldn’t enforce the law,” Albence said.

The ICE added that making matters more difficult was the fact that liberal judges also forgave or protected illegals, even illegal populations like several Iraqi’s in the Detroit area, some sought for murder.

“We need to hold liberal judges accountable,” said ICE Acting Director Thomas D. Homan, going on to say that a third factor in the build up of deportation orders is because some 300 sanctuary cities refused to let ICE officers into city jails to seize illegals. Homan explained that the ICE plans to fight those cities and other obstructions to send a message to illegal populations that they are not safe from deportation, even if they have been in the U.S. for 10 years.

“There has to be a consequence and a deterrence to illegal activity or the illegal activity won’t stop,” said Homan. “We’ve made a lot of headway this year, more than I’ve seen in a long time, and we’ve got to keep going down this road. We’ve got to keep momentum going.”

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