Actor Tries to Bash Trump… Takes Outs Hollywood in One Fell Swoop Instead

Hollywood actor Ron Perlman has made no secret of the fact that he strongly dislikes President Donald Trump. His latest attack on the president, however, ended up backfiring on Hollywood in a huge way.

Independent Journal Review reported that Perlman’s Twitter timeline is full of attacks on Trump:

Most recently, Perlman tried to use Kevin Spacey’s sexual harassment scandal to bash Trump:

However, this immediately backfired when Twitter users made it clear that they weren’t having any of it:


We’re glad to see that this blew up in Perlman’s face. Frankly, we are sick of seeing smug, millionaire, Hollywood elitists lecture the rest of us about how evil Trump is. The sex scandals that have been exposed in the last month against Hollywood power-players like Spacey and producer Harvey Weinstein shows just how depraved the people of Hollywood really are. They are the last people who should be bashing our president!

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